Advantages of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes over Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette doesnt leave a bad odor after youve smoked. It contains mainly water, flavorings, nicotine and propylene glycol to give you the best sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette, but its Electronic Cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette is environmental friendly. Since it is electronic cigarette, it does not need a fire to light up, no ashes, or butts lying around after smoking. You can smoke at your will, without complaints from onlookers.

Prices of traditional cigarettes vary from USD$5-$13 per pack now, and still going up! Whereas one electric cigarette cartridge costs less than $3 and is comparable to a pack of traditional cigarettes!

Electronic Cigarette is a social cigarette. With no odors, your family and kids will not ask you to step outside during smoking. You can smoke anywhere you want, from hotels to airports to restaurants. So give electronic cigarette a try and your family will thank you!

What Really Is Electronic Cigarette?

Have you been trying hard to quit smoking, and failed? Well, its time to move on and uses technology to help. Let me recommend you the new Electronic Cigarette!

So, what exactly is an Electronic Cigarette? An Electronic Cigarette looks, feel and tastes like a traditional cigarette. The main difference is, its electric and contains no nicotine, which means, you can smoke healthily! Electric Cigarette only emit fresh, rich vapor instead of the foul smelling smoke.  Not only you feel healthy, the surrounding people feel healthy as well!

Another good point your days in balcony are over, as you can now smoke anywhere such as hotels, airports, bars, etc New exclusive, elegant, two-part design consists of a long lasting, rechargeable battery and a pre-filled, replaceable cartridge – atomizer included which comes in a variety of strengths and full-bodied flavors.

Each cartridge is good for about 200 perfect puffs, at your leisuresmoke it all at once, or savor it later. Electronic cigarettes are known for being at the height of good taste, and for their authentic feel. You’ll be so glad you chose to smoke electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. But if you do have any regrets, there is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Now, you can take action and start living healthy without cutting down your cigarettes. Try smoking Electronic Cigarette Today!

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Nicolites Electric Cigarettes gives Incredible Smoking Experience

If we look at the Nicolites Electric Cigarettes we will find that these cigarettes are really handy and useful tool for giving up the bad habit of smoking. It is a fact that the chain smokers smoke one cigarette after the other. The Nicolites Electric Cigarettes help the chain smokers to give up their habit of smoking cigarettes.


These cigarettes  do not put adverse effect on the overall health of the smokers, thus are advantageous tool for the smokers. There are many benefits of the Nicolites Electric Cigarettes and some of them are given below:


Nicolites Electric Cigarettes


Offer same smoking please to the smokers


The Nicolites Electric Cigarettes give the smoker same feeling which he gets by smoking conventional cigarettes. These cigarettes are made up of three parts and they are Atomizer, nicotine patch and a battery. These electronic cigarettes contains three types of nicotine patches in them and that are, low level nicotine patch, medium level nicotine patch and higher level nicotine patch. The smoker can use the electronic cigarette as per his smoking urge, from these three types of electronic cigarettes containing different nicotine patch levels. The smoke coming out from these electric cigarettes offer the smokers same experience which they get by smoking the common cigarettes.


Compatible on the health of smokers


These electric cigarettes produce harmless smoke or fume which do not affect the overall health of the smokers. Smoking conventional cigarettes leads to serious damage on the health of the smokers. The traditional cigarettes release carbon monoxide and other such products, that can lead to serious health problems like cancer of mouth, cancer of lungs and tuberculosis. The electric cigarettes on the other hand do not cause any bad effect on the health of smokers. Thus these are harmless mode of cigarettes available for the smokers.




The Nicolites Electric cigarettes are quite cheap and economical, but the conventional cigarettes on the other hand are quite expensive. The reason is that these common cigarettes are made from tobacco and other costly as well as harmful products. As the chain smokers have the urge to smoke cigarettes continuously, therefore purchasing the conventional cigarettes can prove out to be expensive. The electric cigarettes on the other hand are cheap and just the right choice for the chain smokers.


Legal mode of smoking


It is fact that smoking conventional cigarettes are banned in most parts of the world. The reason is that the smoke coming out from these cigarettes put bad effect not only on the health of the smoker but also on the person sitting near to the smokers. The electric cigarettes on the other hand do not release harmful gases into the environment thus they are safer and healthier option. It is due to this reason that the smoking of Nicolites Electric Cigarettes is not banned in most parts of the world.


The smoker smoking the common cigarettes faces legal action and penalties. The smoker smoking the electric cigarettes do not face any legal action against himself when he smoke these electric cigarettes. Hence the electric cigarettes are the appropriate replacement for the conventional cigarettes.

How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Successfully Becoming An Ex Smoker

How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

The same man I interviewed who said any reason was a good reason to stop smoking put it best: "No matter what your reason for quitting is, there is only one way to quit and quit successfully. You have to really want to do it! You have to really want to beat that habit! Show no mercy to it!" was his advice.

So willpower is a major deciding factor between success and failure. There is no way around that fact. No matter what stop smoking aids one chooses to help them quit, there has to be a will to succeed and a firm affirmation to let nothing stop you. If deep down you really don’t care whether you are successful at it or not, then the result will be exactly that: A nonchalant, half-hearted attempt that eventually culminates in a return to the smoking habit. And how many times has that happened to people? Continue reading

How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes How To Be An Ex-Smoker

How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes

We humans are creatures of habit, often doing things out of sheer ritual and developing little routines. All routines, or habits, however, are not necessarily bad. There are certain good habits and routines we’ve been required to develop in our lives in order to get things done.

The only problem is, when it comes to doing something that is bad for us, our nature to cultivate habits becomes a curse rather than a benefit. Recently I surveyed a number of ex-smokers and asked them how they came to take up smoking in the first place, why they decided to quit and, most importantly, how they finally managed to conquer the habit and to this day remain ex-smokers. Continue reading