How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes How To Be An Ex-Smoker

How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes

We humans are creatures of habit, often doing things out of sheer ritual and developing little routines. All routines, or habits, however, are not necessarily bad. There are certain good habits and routines we’ve been required to develop in our lives in order to get things done.

The only problem is, when it comes to doing something that is bad for us, our nature to cultivate habits becomes a curse rather than a benefit. Recently I surveyed a number of ex-smokers and asked them how they came to take up smoking in the first place, why they decided to quit and, most importantly, how they finally managed to conquer the habit and to this day remain ex-smokers.


How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes

The Teen Years

An interesting and probably obvious fact that came to light was that the majority of people started smoking as teenagers; and rarely did they have any desire to quit the habit until well into their twenties or thirties. Most admitted that this was due to the fact that it wasnt until they were adults that they really thought, or cared, much about the consequences of the habit and what long-term affects it may be having on their bodies and health.

Teenagers (and we’ve all been through it) often possess that false sense of security that they are indestructible. I spoke with a number of teenage smokers and asked them if they had any desire to quit, or any guilt feelings about smoking. The common response: "No, not really". And none seemed overly concerned about any damage it might be doing to them.

In my research I discovered the most common reason for a teenager to take up smoking was to be cool. Smoking made them feel adult and more confident in themselves as growing individuals. Some succumbed to peer pressure, while others took it up in order to fit in with their boyfriend or girlfriend, or to impress the opposite sex. Some boys thought it made them look tougher and appear more masculine.

Several admitted it was to be rebellious; they wanted to do the exact opposite of what adults told them to do. If their parents said things like: "Dont smoke, its bad for you" or "Youre too young to smoke ", they would take up smoking just to spite their parents. Other teenagers said they smoked cigarettes to relax them. Problems at home, the pressure to do well at school, the confusion of puberty, all contributed to the reason for many to take up the habit. To find out more, you can check out How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes.

The Adult Years

Those who started smoking in their adult years mostly seemed to put it down to the above reason: They took it up because it was relaxing and helped them deal with the pressures of everyday life. Most said they didn’t do it to look cool or to fit in with peer groups and colleagues. This was a reason that seemed to pertain purely to the teenage age group.

The Catalysts For Quitting

The first response I got when I asked an ex-smoker why he quit smoking, he said he had, "No one particular reason, but any reason is a good reason to give up smoking". Most adults seemed to think more deeply about their future health, with an underlying fear of the possibility of lung cancer or other related disorders. Some had witnessed relatives die, or dying, from a smoking-induced cancer or illness of some sort and were frightened into quitting the habit.

Fitness was another major catalyst to give smoking the flick. We now live in a very health-conscious and fitness-orientated society, so smoking has become somewhat taboo and the out thing to do.


How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes

One woman, whom had been a smoker for ten years, said she sat down one day and figured out, roughly, just how many times shed lit up a cigarette during that phase. Shed averaged around thirty cigarettes per day for that ten year period, and worked out that she would have gone through the ritual of lighting up over one hundred thousand times. She said to me, "Thats when I quit. When I realised I was a hundred thousand steps closer to an early grave, I decided Id had enough".

Many women wanted to quit smoking because they were pregnant, or used pregnancy as the incentive, as they feared the harm it would inflict upon the unborn baby they were carrying. But how did these people quit smoking and successfully remain non-smokers? To find out more, you can check out How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes.