Reasons Why People Smoke

Following up from the previous posts: Different Views Of Cigarette Smoking And Addiction, Common Excuses Smokers Give To Smoke, we’ll continue to talk about the reasons why people smoke. The reasons they give are more of excuses, but they gladly put up with it and despite knowing smoking is harmful, these smokers still continue to […]


Ninja Customer Service Support South Beach Smoke Company

Electronic Cigarettes had been growing fast and furiously. More and more smokers are aware of the effectiveness that Electronic Cigarettes can bring when it comes to nicotine replacement. With the abilities to smoke in most public places, the trend is skyrocketing! The leading brand of Electronic Cigarettes – South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Company, had […]


Free Electronic Cigarette For Soldiers

As we all know, smoking is the leading, yet preventable cause of several major diseases that cause death all over the world. If you are smoking regularly, you are shorten your life by 5 1/2 minutes each time you puff a cigarette. It doesn’t matter if you are exercising regularly. Many soldiers in United States […]


Electronic Cigarette To Stop Smoking What To Expect When You Quit

Electronic Cigarette To Stop Smoking Smokers require a certain amount of nicotine, the addictive compound found in tobacco, in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Even with NRT, the user would generally experience some withdrawal symptoms, although less severe. Therefore, it is key to know what are the usual withdrawal symptoms and to acquire skills to […]


Which Is The Best Electronic Cigarette Around?

For Electronic Cigarette Fanatic, the common question will be “Which brand is currently the best electronic cigarette brand in the industry?” There are too many options available now and which brand is giving the best smoking pleasure? If you haven’t heard of Electronic Cigarette, or E-Cigarette in short, you are missing out the best option […]


New Trend With Smokeless Cigarette Smoke E-Cigarette

In our current society, tobacco products that were used by people for pleasure can be divided into 2 groups: smoked tobacco products and smokeless tobacco products: Smoked Tobacco Products: Cigarettes, Cigars, Roll your own cigarettes, Pipe tobacco. Smokeless Tobacco Products: Moist snuff, Chewing tobacco, Dry snuff. Recently, there had been an increased in competition between […]


Green Smoke Charity A Percentage Of Profit Will Be Donated

There would be no doubt to declare Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette as the finest in the Electronic Cigarette industry. This elegant 2 pieces screw-in design is easy to assemble and effortlessly bring endless pleasure to smokers, ensuring they are smoking of the highest quality, as close to smoking a real cigarette as possible. The cost […]


Celebrities Smoking E-Cigarette Lindsay Lohan

Celebrity Lindsay Lohan, who was currently under house arrest, was reportedly attempting to quit her smoking habit as she was snapped with an electronic cigarette. The Mean Girl star has been holed up in her Vernice, California home for 120 days for a probation violation stemming from a 2007 Dui charge. She was previously said […]


Independance Day Sale Green Smoke Offering Up To 20% Off!

Independence day falls on 4th of July, a day Americans celebrate freedom. Green Smoke takes up this opportunity to give all smokers their freedom, free from smoke forever! To celebrate Independence Day, Green Smoke is offering up to 20% off for the Freedom Kit, and 15% off for all kits, cartridges and cases. This opportunity […]


The Myth And Truth Of Electronic Cigarette

A lot of people are still very confused what electronic cigarettes really are? Are they e-cig, electric cigarette, smokeless cigarette or vapor cigarette? No wonder people are blurred, there are so many different names! Actually, all of them are referring to the same thing – Electronic Cigarette. So what exactly is an electronic cigarette? Let’s […]


On Screen Smoking Was Less Seen In Movies

Movies used to film actors smoking cigarettes, acting cool on the big screens. But those days were gone. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that cigarettes or other tobacco products are appearing lesser in the scenes nowadays. The report stated that one scene was reported if a person was smoking, or a pack of […]


Sean Morgan Smoking Electric Cigarette

Sean Morgan, Sweet Home man is promoting the use of e-cigarette over traditional cigarette as a safer choice. Sean Morgan, the Sweet Home resident, who enjoyed smoking, but not for the side effects, was giving e-cigarette a try. He also made it clear he was not promoting smoking to children or to non-smokers. “I don’t […]


Addiction To Nicotine Lozenges How It Works

Addiction To Nicotine Lozenges Some quitting methods, like cold turkey and tapering, essentially rely on willpower to cope with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. But the fact is that the physical symptoms caused by nicotine withdrawal are one of the primary reasons that people return to smoking. Willpower isn’t always enough. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) was […]


Albania Smoking Bans And Laws

Albania Smoking Bans And Laws went into effect on 30th May 2007, banning smoking in all closed public places and advertising of tobacco products. However, the measure is ineffective and government is not enforcing. You can check the full list of smoking bans by country.


Different Views Of Cigarette Smoking And Addiction

We’ll talk about different views of cigarette smoking and addiction that cause smokers to keep smoking. The statistic is alarming and if you view this differently from another angle, you can easily change your mindset and agree that quit smoking is just a process. It’s no different changing a new hairstyle. Initially you’ll feel awkward, […]


Using Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Fast

Using Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Fast Another key method we will be using is hypnosis. Many people, when they hear the word ‘hypnosis’, think of somebody on a stage, maybe all in black, waving their hand around at people and making them do the chicken dance or sing like Elvis or talk on their shoe-phone, […]


Second Hand Smoke Will Affect Children`s Learning Abilities

Following up from previous heart warming post “Dangers Of Second Hand Smoke To Children“, we’ll highlight more case studies about the dark side of smoking and how second hand smoke will affect children’s learning abilities and behavioral problems. The common end results from smoking are lung cancer, heart diseases and yellowish teeth. But have you […]


How Electronic Cigarette Works Creating Smoke

Electronic Cigarette, or E-Cig, is an amazing invention that totally change the way we smoke. E-Cig is not only cheaper and healthier than smoking tobacco cigarette, they utilized modern technology to deliver a real smoking sensation to the smokers. Nicotine delivered in a harmless vapor form and dissipated into the air within a few seconds, […]


Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette iPhone App

Ever since Apple iPhone took the world by storm, any businesses without an iPhone App will be on the losing side. The world is evolving and we have to quickly follow up with the technology changes. Today, we have moved ahead of our competitors once more. We proudly present the iPhone App for our Smoke […]